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School Year (September - end of May)  

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Students come one time per week for fine art making during the school year.  Our  program includes Art Exploration for Ages 4 ½ to 7; Fine Art Fundamentals for Ages 7 to 11; and Advanced Exploration for Ages 11+

Our curriculum covers the entire school year and provides students with a comprehensive understanding of particular concepts, media and terminology used in art making.  Our school year is divided into 4 payment periods or sessions.  New students may join at any time.  All programs focus on creating original works of art.  Students attending all sessions of the school year qualify to participate in our annual student exhibit in June.   See FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSONS to try a class.

Class Descriptions:  

Art Exploration (ages 4 ½ - 7)
Students learn the terminology used in the world of fine art making through an interactive method.   Projects designed for all our programs are age appropriate, fun and develop each student’s confidence in making creative decisions.  Our Art Exploration program prepares students for our Fine Art Fundamentals program.  The student/ teacher ratio is 7:1.

Fine Art Fundamentals (ages 7 – 11)
Our Fine Art Fundamentals program is a developmental program, allowing participants to build on what they learn from session to session.  Our semi-private classes (7:1 student/teacher ratio) and program planning ensure continuity of instruction and nurture individual student development in fine art.  Students enjoy the challenges and joys of creating ‘original’ works of art while developing observation and problem solving skills.  Each session is devoted to a particular media.  There is a one-hour pre-requisite class for new students to the Fine Art Fundamentals program.

An Early Fine Art Fundamentals class eases our 7-year-old students into a more intense study of form and composition.  Students are automatically placed in an appropriate Fine Art Fundamentals class when you register.

Advanced Exploration (Ages 11+)
This program is designed to develop self-directed art makers.  Through some initial guidance, students make the studio their own by learning to set goals, design their own projects and be responsible for their own learning and projects.  Students build an awareness of the world around them through the process of creating their own projects.  No prior art training is required.  Interest in art making is a must.

There is a  7.5 - 10 hour pre-requisite class for entering students to this program.