Free Introductory Lessons

At Marvegos Fine Art School we are doing more than raising artists, we are raising young adults who will have the confidence to think and act for themselves. Students have the freedom to develop their own intuition and “eye” for art – our version of self-expression. No one tells them they must make trees with branches, the sky doesn’t have to be blue and a self-portrait doesn’t have to have represent what we see but what they believe themselves to be.

The best way to experience The Marvegos® approach is to take one of our free introductory classes. This one-hour session will give your child a chance to see the location and experience a class with the instructor and other students while the parents can meet the Studio Manager and learn about the art curriculum for children. Free trial lessons are posted monthly and cannot be exchanged for regularly scheduled classes. Please register each child individually. A parent must stay during the full hour to meet with the senior staff and hear about Marvegos’ approach to art and ask questions.
Below are the dates available. If you can’t find a introductory lesson that suits your schedule, please email for other options.

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