2019-2020 School Year: Art Exploration

Art Exploration students build self-confidence by making their own creative choices and all projects are designed with this in mind. A project is considered successful if it allows kids to explore different art processes in a fun setting and results in all original work. Most will take two classes to complete, with each day revolving around a special art element or principle.

Fall Session:  clay fish, building/lighthouse print, wood sculpture with motif, graphite lizard drawing

Late Fall Session:  clay mask, mushroom ink drawing, cow acrylic painting, self-portrait watercolor, (mixed media)

Winter Session:  clay, printmaking, mixed media, non-wood sculpture, (watercolor)

Spring Session:  collage. mixed media, relief sculpture, acrylic painting, (drawing)

Special Art Terms

To find out which term kids will be learning for the day, check out the Art Exploration section on our studio Parent Board. We find new ways to teach each term every session.

  • texture
  • monochromatic
  • tints/shades
  • balance
  • motif
  • unify
  • positive/negative space
  • tetradic colors