Need to schedule a make-up class?

We understand your child may need to miss a class. Please use this form to request a make-up. You will be contacted via email when we process your makeup request.

Please do not show up at the make-up class until you have a confirmation from a studio manager.

Make-ups can be scheduled during other classes and are subject to availability. Review your studio’s schedule to select your top 2-3 choices. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Make-Up Policy

  • Each student is limited to two (2) makeups per session. 
  • Parents must fill out the Make-up Request Form for a future missed class to be eligible for a make-up. We recommend at least 48 hours’ notice to ensure we have time to reply.
  • Missed classes need to be made up within two weeks of the missed class, either after or before an anticipated missed class.
  • Missed classes can only be made up during the session in which the class was missed. A make-up cannot be carried over to another session.
  • Try to schedule a make-up in the same week as your child’s missed class.
  • There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.
  • Make-ups are forfeited in cases of no shows, without prior notice, of scheduled makeup classes.
  • There are no make-up classes, credits or refunds provided at outreach programs. However, make-up classes for outreach students may be scheduled at a nearby studio.
  • All make-ups are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee the same instructor.
Please complete this form.

Enter your top 2-3 choices for make-up class.

Include day and time or range of time. For example, ‘Saturday, 9/22 at 10:05,’ ‘Tuesday between 3-6pm’ or ‘Monday, 1/15 after 5pm.’ Your studio manager will try their best to accommodate your request. Depending on availability, make-ups may need to be staggered by 15-30 minutes. To find a list of available class times for make-up, review your studio’s schedule at

Have more than one child who needs a make-up? Enter information here.