Health and Safety FAQ

Are studio camps and classes running this summer?

We plan to run all summer programs that are scheduled, but with new health and safety measures strictly in place. Read this FAQ to learn more about these measures.

How are you preparing to reopen your studios?

We will be following the guidelines set by the county. Classes will be limited to 12 students maximum per week with the same kids and same teachers in the same group each day. A week before summer programs begin, our team will deep clean and disinfect the studios and bathrooms from top to bottom. Bathrooms will be updated with new hand air dryers.

What is your current refund policy?

If any camps or classes are cancelled due to COVID-19 or extended lockdown, parents will receive full refunds.

Will you be offering extended care?

Due to staffing limits, we will not be offering before and after care in June.

What is your mask policy?

Face coverings or masks must be worn at all times by employees.

What is your hand washing protocol?

We will also do our best to avoid and discourage as much physical contact with other students and teachers as possible. All students entering our studios will begin their day by washing their hands for 20 seconds. Hand sanitizers will be provided in the studio. Our teachers wash their hands at least once an hour largely to remove art materials, which will dually serve to prevent spread of illness. Students will be instructed to thoroughly wash their hands after class. Hands are dried with disposable paper towels or air blowers.

How often do you clean? 

Staff will be using disinfectant to clean high use items such as tables, chairs, handles, sinks, and restrooms, as well as shared supplies and tools, before class, after class, and as much as possible throughout the day.

Should I pack a lunch?

Yes, because we will not be providing snacks or lunches. Clean, disposable water cups will be provided. Students may also bring reusable water bottles. Students are not allowed to share food.

Can we bring personal items?

Yes, but please limit items to lunches, reusable water bottles, jackets/sweaters, and other essential items. Toys and other non-essential items must be left home until further notice.

How are you handling drop-off and pick-up? Why can’t I enter the studio?

During drop-off and pick-up, remain outside the studio unless a staff member instructs otherwise. A teacher will send your child out to you. As a social distancing measure, we are limiting direct contact and exposure to students and staff.

What is your sick policy for kids?

All sick kids, regardless of the nature of the sickness, are not permitted at camp, including kids with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher. All parents are required to check their child’s temperature and monitor for symptoms of illness such as fever, cough, sore throat, chills, aches or runny nose before camp each day.

What is your sick policy for employees?

All sick employees, regardless of the nature of the sickness, are not permitted to work, including employees with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher.