Online Acrylic Painting

The Marvegos method develops each students’ style of art making, allowing both beginning and advanced students to gain equally from this class. Students will complete one 16″x20” painting on canvas. Advanced students who wish to complete a larger work should expect to continue working beyond the duration of each day of class. This online class can be repeated as the content varies based on the interest of each student. Expect a fun art making experience where creativity is exercised and original art is made.

The prerequisite for this class is our one hour Online Form Class. Students will learn to use elements of form and composition to enhance their own style of painting. The prerequisite class is waived for Continuing Advanced Exploration students or students who have taken our Introductory Advanced Exploration class.

Weekly (one day per week) and daily (week-long) options are available.

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Supplies Information

Quality art materials of good value have been specially selected for these classes because we know better supplies and tools improve the outcome of art making. Limited palettes of specific colors teach color mixing and are preferred over a palette with many colors. Our colored pencil selection provides the unique practice of layering and pressure control to blend and is preferred over softer colored pencils that mimic the practice of using soft chalk pastels to blend.

Listed below are the required supplies plus a number of choices and brands from the Marvegos Store, Blick and Amazon. You may purchase the recommended art supplies and kits from the Marvegos Store and sign up for Curbside Pickup to obtain the supplies before the first class. If you prefer to purchase supplies from a different store, please allow up to 3 weeks to acquire the needed art materials. If you purchased these supplies before or have these supplies at home, no need to purchase again.

Required Art Supplies

Supplies List By Day

Prepare for each day of class by having the following supplies ready beforehand.

Day 1 

Day 2 

Day 3 

Day 4 

Day 5