Portfolio Development Program for Teens

Our Portfolio Development program is designed for families with a child who is interested in applying to an art program or art school. The program consists of three courses: Introduction to Schools and Degrees, Goals and Planning, and Portfolio Development. These courses can be taken independently or as a series. Students who are interested in taking the Portfolio Development course and are working under a deadline are highly encouraged to take our Goals and Planning course first.

This program will be launching in the Fall of 2023 at our Los Gatos studio only. Families residing in the Peninsula area can email info@marvegos.com to receive notifications about the upcoming launch of the Portfolio Development program at our San Mateo studio.

Some prior art-making experience is necessary. Because Portfolio Development involves more intensive instruction, a serious interest in the topic is recommended.

Course Policies

No make-ups will be offered for this program. Please be sure your child can commit to the multi-week course before registering.

All courses are subject to minimum enrollment numbers. Refunds will be issued for workshop cancelled by The Marvegos.

Introduction to Schools and Degrees

This 2-hour course is an information session meant for both parents and students who are interested in learning about art degrees, the schools recognized for their training in these areas and how to acquire financial assistance for these programs.

Goals and Planning

This 3-week course is for students who are applying or plan to apply to an art school and know what majors they want to pursue. Students will leave this course with a complete plan for their application as well as a thorough understanding of specific application requirements and deadlines, a good grasp of the timeframe within which requirements must be completed, and a manageable schedule that takes into account existing plans and time commitments.

Portfolio Development

This 8-week course is great for student who want to apply to an art program or art school. In this course, students will receive critical support and guidance to build the portfolio pieces needed for a strong application.