Goals and Planning

Applying to art school can be challenging, particularly when applying to multiple schools. Determining each school’s requirements and their deadlines can be overwhelming.

In this 3-week course, students will identify: specific requirements for each program they are applying for, requirement overlaps between programs, requirements that are unique to a particular school along and application deadlines. Once this information is collected, students will be guided through the creation of a personalized plan that accommodates the student’s school schedule, extracurricular activities, rest time and planned vacations. This process will involve internet searches as well as the use of other tools.

Much of the work will happen during class time, however, there will be some tasks that will require homework with the help of a guardian. Additionally, if a student is unable to complete a task during class, they will need to complete it at home before the next class. 

The purpose of this course is for each student to finish with an actionable plan to achieve their goals whether they execute it on their own or if they decide to join our Portfolio Development course for additional guidance and support.

Who is this class for?

This class is for students who know what programs or majors they are interested in and are applying to one or more art program or school. Students should come to class with a good idea of what they want to pursue. If your student is not certain or aware of the different majors and schools available, consider signing up for the Introduction to Schools and Degrees course.

Does your child have all this information already and could use some support creating their portfolio? Check out our Portfolio Development course.