Introduction to Schools and Degrees

Is your child interested in studying a creative field in college?

Not sure what the options are or where to find that information?

Join us for this information session that will offer an overview of the following questions:

  • What are the possible areas of study and what are the associated careers?
  • What schools are respected in these fields?
  • How/Where can I find financial assistance?

There are a wide variety of creative degrees and we will not be able to cover every possibility. This class will provide you and your child with a solid foundation of information and a starting point from which to find the areas of study that best suit your child. 

This two hour session will begin with about an hour of presentation, allowing for up to an hour of discussion afterward. 

Who is this class for?

We encourage both students and their guardians to attend this class together. This class is meant to help families have informed conversations about what possibilities exist and what those possibilities can lead to.

For students who have identified the schools and majors they are interested in but need some assistance in preparing their applications check out our other two courses in this series:

Goals and Planning

This course is for students who are applying or plan to apply to an art school and know what majors they want to pursue. Students will leave this course with a complete plan for their application including: a thorough understanding of specific application requirements and deadlines, a good grasp of the time frame within which requirements must be completed, and a manageable schedule that takes into account existing plans and time commitments. 

Portfolio Development

This course is great for students who want to apply to an art program whether it’s a summer program or an art school. In this course students will receive critical support and guidance to build the portfolio pieces they need to apply.