Portfolio Development

Like other career tracks, achieving success in a creative field is more likely with guidance and support. The Marvegos wants to ensure our young creatives have the best chances of being accepted in their dream programs. In Portfolio Development, we nurture practical, creative, and time management skills focused on achieving specific goals like applying to a summer art program, an art college or for a scholarship.

This class is different from our Advanced Exploration (ADEX) program. In ADEX, the focus of the class is for students to explore their interests through projects of their own design with the guidance of an instructor. Though we believe creative decision making is critical in all artistic endeavors, the projects in the Portfolio Development course will be dictated by the requirements of the program(s) the students are applying to. Some projects may be highly technical, with little room for individual expression, while other projects have open-ended prompts that encourage the creative expression of the student. 

The process of honing a portfolio will include ideation, planning, execution and review. For one project, this process can take weeks or months depending on the student. It is expected that some work will be done outside of class.  Time spent in class will be used to stay on track and receive personal guidance from an instructor.

In this program, participating students will have a cohort of peers with similar goals. This class provides students with a group of like-minded peers who can offer support and inspiration.

Who is this course for?

  • Students who are 13 years old or older
  • Students interested in applying to art schools, programs or scholarships
  • Students who know the organization(s) and degree(s) they are interested in, along with their application requirements

When should students take this course?

Freshmen who want to prepare in advance for their eventual applications are welcome to participate in this course. If a student is taking the class for college applications, we highly encourage them to start sooner rather than later. Ideally, a portfolio is a collection of our best work which means there should be a large enough body of work to choose from.